Transform Your Old Toy
Bricks into Endless Building

You Play, We Sort, You Play Again.
Gentle on Our Planet, Easy on Your Wallet.

Child with a smile sits on the floor with crossed legs
Spread colorful legos on the blue background

Brick Overflow

  • Bins of unsorted bricks are taking over the closet, yet the kids keep asking for new sets.

  • Kids want to spend more time building, but brick sets are too expensive to buy frequently.

  • Would you be glad to reuse bricks, but lack the patience and time to sort them again and again?

Messy stack of colorful LEGOs

Revive your brick treasures
with the power of AI

  • Within every home lies a treasure of unused bricks deserving a second chance.

  • Our AI-powered sorting tech can turn old bricks into cool sets of your choice.

  • Send us your brick mix and get them back sorted and ready for the next building adventure.

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Calling early adopters

Join the waiting list to get early access to our brick-sorting service in your area.

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Here’s how it works

Using Sort A Brick means having endless fun with your bricks without breaking the bank or harming the environment


Send your mixed-up bricks to us


We’ll clean your bricks and inventory to find compatible models


Choose your favorite model and confirm your order


We’ll add any missing parts and sort bricks by model of your choice


Then we’ll pack each model as new and ship back to you


You enjoy building and return to us for another round

Set or Sort?

Still in doubt if using Sort A Brick instead of buying
a new set is worth the hassle?

  • LEGO character holding coin and standing on the coins mountain


    Enjoy the same building experience for only 25% of the cost of a new set or get 4x more fun for the same price.

  • Green leave growing from LEGO block


    Cut your environmental toll by reusing plastic bricks and reducing CO2 emissions related to producing new sets.

  • Two smiling LEGO characters in blue background

    More fun

    Choose from thousands of cool brick models made by talented designers worldwide.

  • The mechanism built from LEGO


    Get peace of mind with our cleaning and quality controls, ensuring every brick model is clean, safe, and complete.

Our mission

We are on a mission to breathe new life into billions of old toy bricks by helping to reuse them in a fun, affordable, and sustainable way.

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Calling early adopters

Sort A Brick will soon start delivering brick-sorting services to a limited number of early adopters.
Register if you want to be the first to experience the magic of loose bricks turning into exciting new experiences.
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